Whatever it takes to Secure the Border

I was on Varney & Co. on Fox Business last week to discuss the current debate in Washington over immigration and border security. I told Varney that we need to do whatever it takes to protect our communities and secure the border. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

Fox Business News

A Look into the Future in Amarillo

I was in Amarillo last week for a demonstration of Bell’s new V-280 tilt motor helicopter, which is being built there. You can see from the this TV clip that it is a truly amazing aircraft — very quiet and very fast. It was a glimpse into the future for both military operations and other tasks, like emergency evacuation, that we use helicopters for now. Bell created a terrific partnership with Amarillo’s business community and Amarillo College to train the skilled workers who build this aircraft. Business and education partnerships also provide a glimpse into the future. I passed P-TECH initiative last session — one of my top priorities — to develop alternative education paths linked to real world jobs for students that don’t want to attend traditional colleges. Amarillo’s partnership with Bell is an educational innovation that provides a great model for other parts of our state.


California is a Sanctuary State — Never, in Texas

If Democrats had it their way, Texas would be a sanctuary state — just like California. Refusing to allow local police to question people they arrest about their immigration status is outrageous. In case you missed my Conservative Conversation where I discuss sanctuary cities, listen here.

Conservative Conversations

Republican Victory in San Antonio — and a Great Opportunity

Republican Peter Flores won a great victory in a Special Election last week in Senate District 19 — a large 17-county district that is anchored in San Antonio. This senate seat has been represented by Democrats for decades, but Republicans rallied, and Flores finished the night in first place in an 8-person Special Election. The date for the Run-Off will be announced soon. Pete is a hardworking and principled conservative and this is a great opportunity to add another Republican senator to the Texas Senate. Let’s flip this senate seat from blue to red! We’ll let you know in the coming weeks how you can help.


Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick
Lieutenant Governor of Texas