Unity Among “Big 3” Delivers Landmark Session for Texas Conservatives

86th Legislature passes 61 bills to fulfill RPT platform planks, the highest amount passed in any Session in recent history – PLUS  9 bills advancing the 5 RPT Legislative Priorities

Unity between the state’s top Republican leaders has led to a legacy session for Texas conservatives. Because of the historic collaboration between Governor Greg Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Patrick, and Speaker Dennis Bonnen, a record number of bills fulfilling the Republican Party of Texas’ platform planks have been sent to the Governor for his signature.

As a conservative leader in your community, can you help us protect the Republican majority and get the word out about this historic number of Republican victories?

As Governor Greg Abbott put it, “These extraordinary legislative achievements would not have been possible without the leadership of Speaker Bonnen and Lieutenant Governor Patrick — our collaboration with one another is what moved the historic amount of Republican priorities over the finish line.”

Because they worked together, a record 61 bills fulfilling Republican Party of Texas planks were passed, including legislation that:

  • Provides $5 billion in property tax relief
  • Slows the growth of government and skyrocketing property taxes
  • Modernizes outdated school finance formulas to reduce recapture by 47%
  • Gives Texans a vote to constitutionally ban a state income tax
  • Bans red light cameras
  • Protects babies who survive attempted abortions by requiring doctors to provide potentially life-saving medical treatment
  • Prohibits the transaction of taxpayer dollars, goods or services from being used to support abortion providers and their affiliates
  • Funds border security efforts
  • Restores the 2nd Amendment rights of tenants
  • Enacts permitless carry in times of disaster
  • Protects free speech on college campuses
  • Restores private property rights by eliminating forced annexation
  • Prevents governmental entities from denying contracts, loans, and opportunities to someone based on their religious affiliation
  • Cracks down on human trafficking
  • Strengthens public information laws to improve transparency in government
  • And more! Click here to read more.

Now is the time for Texas Republicans to build upon these successes by focusing our efforts on supporting the Republicans who delivered these monumental results. We also must ensure that they have reinforcements next session to achieve the RPT agenda.

“Speaker Bonnen is a principled conservative whose leadership experience and willingness to collaborate with the Governor and I delivered the people of Texas positive and bold results, including the first real property tax reform in 40 years,” said Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. “From day one, Speaker Bonnen and I worked together to unite our chambers behind priority issues, and that unity helped to deliver a Super Bowl session. We were able to bring home solid conservative victories for the State of Texas, which is why we need Speaker Bonnen back in the Capitol in 2021 to work with Governor Abbott and me. I look forward to working with Governor Abbott and Speaker Bonnen all across the state to keep Texas red in 2020.”

Speaker Bonnen added, “I thank Governor Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick for uniting with the House and Senate this session — because of our unity we were able to pass the highest number of Republican priorities in recent years. When Republican leaders work in absolute lockstep with one another, Texans see results. I look forward to working with Governor Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Patrick to do everything in our power to continue upon that success in 2021.”

There is too much at stake in this election cycle to become complacent. Let us take full advantage of the months ahead and start working NOW to keep Texas red!

PRINT this document, WATCH this video, SHARE with your neighbors, friends, followers, and local Republican clubs, and help us GET THE WORD OUT about the monumental number of Republican platform planks that were passed by the Legislature this session!

via the Republican Party of Texas