It’s Time to Mobilize the National Guard

 HOUSTON – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor, just back from a tour of state and federal operations along the Texas-Mexico border has issued the following statement:

“We’ve all seen, read, and heard the news accounts.  Our border, already in crisis, now faces another: the flood of children illegally crossing our southern border in unprecedented numbers.  Federal resources have been overwhelmed.  We find ourselves again in a situation where Texas is forced to fill the gap.  In the past few weeks, Texas has committed additional Department of Public Safety resources to deal with this crisis.

“On Friday, I toured state and federal operations along the Texas-Mexico border.  Colonel Steve McCraw, Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, and Steve Mach, Public Safety Commissioner, arranged the tour.

“I came away with several observations, which I detailed last night on social media.

“Our southern border is not secure.  The federal government has failed to perform this basic function.  This is a matter of public safety.  Among the thousands of immigrants crossing our border illegally looking for work and economic opportunity are criminal elements who are committing serious crimes against our citizens.  There are also terrorists slipping across the border undetected.  Now we have an added element of unaccompanied alien children crossing.

“More manpower and more resources are needed.  It’s time to mobilize the National Guard.  This should be done by President Obama, but if he refuses, and Governor Perry decides to act, I fully support that decision.

“If the federal government will not take this important step, and Governor Perry is forced to act, the burden will fall upon Texas taxpayers and the 84th Session of the Legislature to appropriate the necessary funds.  I believe the public and the members of the Legislature agree with me.”