Thoughts on the Inauguration

It is a new day in America.  On Friday, January 20th, 2017, in the brief 30 seconds it took to swear in Donald John Trump as the 45th President of the United States, a massive government complex, complete with over a million public servants, the most powerful military in the world, and all of the property and infrastructure of the federal government, was turned over peacefully to our new President.  The inauguration was an amazing event and a tribute to the enduring strength of our democracy.  I was very proud to be there.

In that brief 30 seconds, there was a total shift in the philosophy, ideology and vision – a 180 degree change – in our leadership from the former President to the new President.

This was the second presidential inauguration I have attended.  My first was the last Republican President sworn in, George W Bush, on a cold, snowy day in 2005.

I knew President Bush a little bit.  I was still doing a daily radio show when he was Governor, but I know our new President on a more personal basis.  As Chair of the Texas Trump Campaign I campaigned with him several times when he was in the state.  I also got to know his son, Don, Jr. during that time and we have kept in touch since the election.

Trump’s inaugural address was not a normal political speech.  He doubled down on the promises he made when he was running and reassured his supporters that he was not going to be a politician who says one thing to get elected and does another after getting into office.  He told those sitting behind him – including Congress – that business as usual was over.  The Republicans in Congress that I spoke with while I was in Washington were very excited that change is finally coming.

He told the world that America will be strong again and that his priority will be to put the people of our country first.  He stood on the steps of the nation’s capitol and said the words former President Obama and Hillary Clinton had refused to say – that he is committed to eradicating radical Islamic terrorism.

When Trump put his hand on Abraham Lincoln’s Bible (which was atop another Bible his mother had given him) and took the oath of office, I felt so proud of the American people.  Sure, winning the election was a personal success for Trump, but it was a triumph for the people of this country.  It was their victory.  The silent majority spoke up.  Reagan Democrats, Conservative Christians, independents, and Republicans finally showed up in the numbers needed to take our country back.

Trump stood for all of them.  There were millions of hands on that Bible, not just his. He said the words, but it was the people’s voice that we heard. It was a great day for Donald J. Trump, but it was an even greater day for the people of America, who said to Washington, enough is enough – we want to begin a new day in America.  Now, that journey begins.




Dan Patrick
Dan Patrick21 hours ago
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Dan Patrick
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Dan Patrick
Dan Patrick3 days ago
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