The Saga of Senate Bill 4

It’s Been A Wild 48 Hours

Last night, the Supreme Court announced a historic 6-3 decision to allow Senate Bill 4 to take effect while it works its way through the courts for a final ruling. I wrote SB 4 with Sen. Charles Perry, R-Lubbock, to give Texas the right to arrest, prosecute, and return anyone who enters Texas illegally. Biden sued to block the bill from taking effect.

I spoke with Laura on the Ingraham Angle last night while the law was still in effect. Within a few hours, in a whiplash moment, the federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an order halting SB 4, saying it would not be upheld right now.

This morning, I joined America’s Newsroom with Bill and Dana to explain what’s happening with that decision.

We are confident in SB 4. We are clearly being invaded. As I have said in many interviews, this law and case will inevitably end up in the Supreme Court, and their 6-3 vote gives us hope that our law will be upheld.

Thank you all for your support and everything you do to keep Texas red. May God bless you and your family, and may He continue to bless the greatest state of all—Texas.


Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick
Lieutenant Governor of Texas