The Fastest Growing Community in Texas

The Colony Ridge Community

Recently, I have read stories on Colony Ridge (located northeast of Houston), sometimes called Plum Grove, because it’s near that tiny city, and I wanted to see it for myself. Until now, Colony Ridge hasn’t received much attention from local Houston news or national media. However, as the developer continued to purchase and clear a lot of land, people began to take notice.

Translation: Houston Land

I wanted to see it for myself. On Monday, I had DPS fly me over the community with a local officer who knew the layout. I also drove much of it and had a thorough briefing with local law enforcement.

It’s a massive development covering around 50 square miles and growing. According to the developer, it covers nearly 33,000 acres. It’s the fastest-growing and biggest housing development I have seen anywhere in Texas. It began with land sales in the northern end about ten years ago. You can see that area in the photos below. Landowners began by putting up tents, trailers, larger mobile homes, and small houses about ten years ago. In the last few years, it has exploded in growth.

Two of the original developments.

In the last few years, the community has added small homes. Mobile homes still dot much of the landscape.

Some of the new smaller homes being built in the community.

Today, I spoke with the developer, Mr. Harris, and he estimates nearly 40,000 people live there now. The Cleveland Independent School District is the fastest-growing school district in the state. I spoke to the superintendent today, and he said 80% or more of their current growth comes from Colony Ridge. In 2013, the school district had about 3,000 students. It is now over 10,000 students, with projections to double in size within the next 8-10 years. There are currently three recently built elementary schools, one middle school, and two charter schools in the district, and they have already added 66 portable buildings district-wide.

One of the recent schools built in the community.

One of the new charter schools, with more on their way.

At the current pace that Colony Ridge is selling lots, Mr. Harris told me the community could surpass 100,000 residents in 8-10 years and have the potential to grow to over 200,000 people over time.

As these photos show, massive swaths of land are being cleared. Long finger-like streets line the once-wooded area connected by roundabouts. The community stretches from rural Liberty County to TX-99, a major loop around Houston. The community is about 40 minutes northeast of Houston.

This sprawling community will link close to TX-99.

Some reports claim Colony Ridge may have become a magnet for people from around the world who are not U.S. citizens. With the Biden administration allowing millions of people to cross the Texas border, many ask if this community is going to become its own enclave with a population bigger than a mid-size city inside the state of Texas.

This should not come as a shock to anyone. I ask this question whenever I am on Fox News or in other interviews: Where does President Biden think the millions of people he has allowed into the country are going to live? The federal government drops thousands of people in the streets every day in Texas and cities across America.

A few things are clear after meeting with law enforcement this week. They do not have enough manpower to patrol this area, which has grown at an unprecedented speed.

Colony Ridge is one of the fastest-growing communities in Texas.

Some of the officers are paid for by the community as contract deputies, like many communities across Texas. There are a few Texas Rangers and constables in the area, and the governor just sent in a few more troopers, but I already know it’s not enough for this size population. We need to send more troopers, and the county judge and commissioners court need to budget for more deputies using some of the money they are receiving from the property tax collections from this new development, and the developer needs to hire more contract deputies.

The governor also recently said the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) needs to look at potential environmental issues.

The governor and I have talked about holding hearings on Colony Ridge in a few weeks when we convene our special session on school choice.

We will have more information in the weeks ahead.

Thank you all for your support and everything you do to keep Texas red. May God bless you and your family, and may He continue to bless the greatest state of all—Texas.


Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick
Lieutenant Governor of Texas