Texas Right To Life’s Statement of Support

Even before he held elected office, Dan Patrick shared and voiced Texas Right to Life’s commitment to protect the sanctity of innocent human life from fertilization until natural death.  Texas Right to Life looks forward to advancing the Pro-Life cause alongside Dan Patrick as the Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor.

In 2011, Senator Patrick shared Texas Right to Life’s concerns that women were being denied full medical information before making the life-changing decision of abortion.  Thus, Patrick carried the landmark Sonogram Law to protect a woman’s right to see the sonogram of her preborn child.  Patrick carried important legislation in 2013 that was incorporated into HB2, the Pro-Life omnibus bill.

Senator Patrick even voted against SB 303 during the 2013 Legislative Session, which was a bill that would have given more power to hospital panels over the lives of patients.  In doing so, he kept his rank as one of Texas Right to Life’s top scoring senators on the statewide Pro-Life index, earning 111% in 2013 and 138% in 2011.

“Texas Right to Life is proud of Dan Patrick’s record on defending life, and we are confident that he’ll prioritize the Life issues, adding to the long list of Pro-Life victories recently achieved in Texas,” said Dr. Joseph Graham, President and Founder of Texas Right to Life.