Texas Must Build the Border Wall

Gov. Abbott has my 100% support to continue to build the border wall.

Thanks to President Biden, illegal border crossings are at a twenty-year high with almost 200,000 apprehended this past month alone. The number of criminals entering the country is also breaking records, along with human trafficking and drug trafficking.

Texas cannot afford to stand by and allow this to happen while Vice President Harris continues to laugh, and everything the Biden Administration does makes the situation worse.

Although we know this is a federal responsibility, I made sure that the new state budget increased our already substantial commitment to border security to $1.2 billion, and as Lt. Governor and co-chair of the Legislative Budget Board, I have told Gov. Abbott he has my 100% support to move forward. I will do whatever it takes to ensure Texas has the funding to continue to build the border wall.

When President Trump made a visit to McAllen 3 years ago, I told him I believed Texas could play a major role in helping him build the border wall — in fact, he highlighted that point in a press conference that same day. Trump’s border policies dramatically reduced illegal crossings and helped return stability to our border communities. Biden’s actions reversed that progress almost immediately and it is now imperative that Texas takes action. Border security has always been a top priority for me and working with Gov. Abbott, we will get this done.

Here is my official statement in support of Gov. Abbott’s proposal to continue building a wall along the Texas-Mexico border.

Happy Birthday, President Trump!

Happy birthday to my good friend, President Trump. Thank you for your leadership and commitment to making America great. We miss you in Texas.

Please continue to keep our state and our nation in your prayers. May God bless you and your family, and may He continue to bless the greatest state of all—Texas.


Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick
Lieutenant Governor of Texas