Texas Monthly Patrick Smear Piece Riddled with Errors

Friday, September 9, 2022

Texas Monthly Patrick Smear Piece Riddled with Errors
Lt. Governor has no holdings in Blackrock

HOUSTON TX – Allen Blakemore, chief strategist to the Patrick Campaign responded to this story published online today:


“When Texas Monthly set out to write a smear piece on Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, they obviously had little interest in getting the facts right – their goal in writing the piece was a hatchet job.

“SB13 is good law. The people of Texas don’t want the state investing public money with companies that have taken a public position to damage the Texas energy sector – one of the key drivers of the Texas economy. No doubt Texas Monthly is so woke that they don’t see the value in this.

“As soon as the Lt. Governor discovered Blackrock holdings were in his portfolio, he sold them immediately on January 21, 2022, almost 9 months ago. He did not keep them as the article alleges. He discovered he owned them when he filed his 2022 finance report in February, as required. Lt. Governor Patrick did not make a decision to buy Blackrock. He depends on his investment advisors who made the Blackrock investments before the SB13 was passed.

“Texas Monthly grossly inflated the value of Blackrock holdings as they breathlessly exclaimed that the shares were “potentially worth as much as $91,000.”

  • 250 shares BCAT at $18.45 = $4,612.50
  • 150 shares BST at $44.30 = $6,645.00
  • 600 shares BIGZ at $12.59 = $7,554.00
  • 20 shares BLK at $810.52 = $16, 210.40

“Texas Monthly’s Dan Solomon sent a long list of questions on Friday afternoon with a short deadline and no contact number. The campaign emailed and called on Friday, September 2, before the deadline, but Solomon did not respond.

“When you set out to write a hit piece, journalistic standards be damned. A freshman journalism student would expect to get an F on the assignment.”

To download a pdf version of this press release, click here.

*Correction: Solomon first reached out to us on Wednesday.