Texas Conservative Review Endorses Dan Patrick for Lt. Gov.

Endorsements Continue For The 2014 GOP Primary: Part 2

In the 2014 Republican primary in Texas, in many of the races we have lots of good choices. Our job is to pick the best candidates and tell you why. We will roll out endorsements on a weekly basis.

Lieutenant Governor – Dan Patrick

With four serious candidates for Lieutenant Governor, TCR had the task of determining which one was most qualified to provide the leadership and conservative solutions to the challenges facing Texas. Our choice is Dan Patrick, who has what it takes to get beyond the rhetoric and get things done. When Texas Conservative Review endorsed Dan Patrick for Texas Senate in 2006, we had no doubt that he would be not only a solid vote on conservative issues, but also a leader on them. Since his election to the Texas Senate Dan Patrick has fulfilled our expectations and been a leader on issues important to conservatives including education reform, protection of the unborn, fiscal responsibility and border security. Through a combination of gutsy leadership, coalition building and unrelenting determination, Dan has successfully helped pass over 100 pieces of conservative legislation that include the historic sonogram bill, a $172 million tax cut and advances in school choice. Dan Patrick is the fighter we need to advance the conservative agenda and he is the fighter who can beat the Democrat in November. For those reasons and for the future of our great state, Texas Conservative Review enthusiastically endorses Dan Patrick for election as our next Lieutenant Governor.

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