Texas Association of Builders Political Arm HOMEPAC Endorses Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor

AUSTIN – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor received the endorsement of the Texas Association of Builders (TAB) HOMEPAC today.

“Senator Dan Patrick has demonstrated how seriously he took his job as a Texas State Senator by never missing one day of voting on the Senate floor in his four sessions, and I have no doubt that he will take on the role of Lieutenant Governor with that same level of dedication and passion,” said Robert Wood, Chairman of the HOMEPAC board of trustees and a builder from Lubbock. “That is just one of the reasons why HOMEPAC proudly endorses Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor of Texas.”

HOMEPAC, the Texas Association of Builders political action committee, is an essential part of the advocacy program at TAB. HOMEPAC provides contributions in support of pro-housing candidates to both statewide office and the Texas Legislature.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Texas Association of Builders HOMEPAC,” said Patrick. “My legislative record demonstrates my support for maintaining our pro-business environment. The housing market is crucial to the Texas economy and I’m proud of the hard work the TAB has done. As Senator and as the next Lieutenant Governor, I will continue fighting to keep Texas as the nation’s leader in job creation and economic prosperity.”

“When I think of our future and the housing industry, our young adults come to mind,” said Joe Carlyle, President of Texas Association of Builders and a builder from Tyler. “We have to prepare them with advanced education or technical training in order to make them the future business owners of Texas. Broadening their prospects for post-secondary success will encourage more students to seek additional training and opportunities following high school graduation. The Texas Association of Builders is proud to support Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor.”

The Texas Association of Builders is dedicated to creating a positive business environment for the housing industry by addressing the housing issues of the people of Texas.

Founded in 1946, the Texas Association of Builders is an affiliate of the National Association of Home Builders and has 28 local homebuilders associations and nearly 10,000 members across Texas. Representing over 702,500 jobs and more than $31.1 billion annually in the Texas economy, the state and local associations play a crucial role in providing housing for Texans.