Texans taking care of each other

“No crisis is beyond the capacity of our people to solve; no challenge too great.”
– Ronald Reagan

Texans Taking Care of Texans

Matthew McConaughey is one of everybody’s favorite Texans.  He’s made a great public service announcement reminding us of what every Texan can do to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. You can watch it here.

Our beloved Capitol was empty when I was in Austin last week. We are so thankful for our first responders, our health care providers, our truckers and our grocery store workers who are on the front lines all over Texas every day. In February, I was on the road most days, as I usually am.  My travel schedule has been reduced, but I am still working most days 12 hours plus talking with the Governor, our state agencies, our senators, citizens and business leaders on a broad range of topics as we try to solve both short and long term issues that are facing our state.

On Thursday, Governor Abbott asked me to join him in Austin when he issued an executive order last week limiting public gatherings to 10 people and requiring all Texas schools, bars, gyms and restaurant dining rooms to temporarily close. He also prohibited visiting nursing homes to protect seniors there.  The sooner all Texans come together and follow these executive orders, the sooner we get to the other side and normalcy returns. Texans must step up and be the frontline in this fight.

While I was in the Capitol, I made an official video in my office about critical steps the state is taking to stop COVID-19. You can watch it here.

Increasing Texas Hospital Capacity

In case you missed it this afternoon, Governor Abbott issued an executive order to increase the capacity of Texas hospitals to help make sure we can meet the challenges of COVID-19.  His new executive order asks medical providers to forego all medical procedures that aren’t immediately necessary to save lives.  He also increased the capacity of all hospital rooms. You can read the details of his order here.

Getting the Message Out:  Texas’ Efforts to Combat COVID-19

In case you missed the Rick Roberts show, you can listen to it here.

Tax Day Moved to July 15

Taxpayers now have an extra three months to file their returns. The deadline for filing individual tax returns has moved from April 15 to July 15.

The Best Thing in Texas: Whataburger Delivered Food to H-E-B Employees

Two beloved Texas institutions team up in a moment of crisis.

Election Updates

Governor Abbott has announced that the Primary Run-Off Election will be held on July 14. Early voting will begin on July 6.  Here’s the Proclamation.

Governor Abbott also issued this proclamation to allow political subdivisions to postpone their 2020 local elections.

COVID-19 Information Updates:

Texas has temporarily extended expired driver’s licenses and ID cards.

If you have questions about unemployment benefits through the Texas Workforce Commission, here is the HOTLINE information.

Visit txschools.gov to find locations near you where local school systems are offering free school meals amid closures.

Texans should continue taking preventative measures to protect themselves and those around them. Now is the time to flatten the curve. Stay alert and do your part to prevent the spread.

The Texas Department of State Health Services is working closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in monitoring COVID-19. This is a rapidly evolving situation and information will be updated as it becomes available.

For more information and ongoing updates, you can visit:

  1. Texas Department of State Health Services
  2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  3. Texas Education Agency
  4. Texas Department of Transportation

Please remember to protect yourself and others. Check out the President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America ― 15 Days to Slow the Spread.

I appreciate your continued support. May God bless you and your family in this difficult time and may he continue to bless the greatest state of all—Texas.


Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick
Lieutenant Governor of Texas





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