Super Bowl LI and Legislative Updates

I talked with FOX 26 Houston on Saturday about Super Bowl LI and our conservative legislative priorities in the Texas Senate. Watch and share my interview here.

Fox 26

Last week we came together for Governor Greg Abbott’s State of the State address. In his address, he declared Sanctuary Cities, Ethics Reform, Child Protective Services and the Convention of States emergency items. Watch and share my full remarks here.

State Of The State

Updates on Conservative Priorities in the Texas Legislature

Senate Bill 4 – Sanctuary Cities passed out of the State Affairs Committee early Friday morning about 1 a.m. The vote was 7 to 2. The bill now moves to the Senate for a full vote.

I want to commend the Chairman of State Affairs Committee, Senator Joan Huffman, for her leadership during the public hearing. She and the Committee conducted a respectful and orderly public meeting that included 16 hours of public testimony. Unfortunately, the hearing was often marred by opponents of the Sanctuary Cities Bill who tried to disrupt the proceedings. However, key Republican Texas Senators did not waiver in their support for this critical bill.

I also want to thank Senator Charles Perry, author of the Sanctuary Cities Bill, for his tireless work on this legislation. Senate Bill 4, was one of my highest priorities this session. And I want to thank Governor Greg Abbott for allowing us to act on this legislation more quickly. Watch and share my full statement on Senate Bill 4 – Sanctuary Cities here.

Sanctuary Cities

Earlier last week the State Affairs Committee also passed out Senate Bill 14 – the Ethics Reform bill. It is the most significant ethics reform in decades to pass and will also come to the full Senate for a vote this week.

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We are hard at work in the Texas Senate early in the Legislative Session on important issues facing Texas.




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