Vote Nov. 8th for Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick is Supporting Public Education & Our Teachers

Dan Patrick passed the largest education funding increase in Texas history as well as kept his promise to increase teachers' salaries.

More Money for Public Schools

Dan Patrick passed the first school finance reform in 40 years and passed an $11 billion education package, the largest increase in public school funding in Texas history, including the biggest pay raise for teachers in years.

Supporting Our Retired Teachers

On two occasions, Dan Patrick added a 13th monthly paycheck for retired teachers, and he plans on doing it again. Dan Patrick finally made the Texas teachers’ retirement fund financially sound in the years to come, and twice passed a 13th monthly check for retired teachers. If re-elected, Patrick will make a 13th monthly check each year for retired teachers permanent.

Easier to Vote in Texas

Dan Patrick led the charge in Texas to extend early voting hours and require a photo ID to vote, which has strengthened public trust in Texas elections and dramatically increased voter participation.

Helping Families During COVID

Dan Patrick listened to families during COVID who were not allowed to see family members in nursing homes or hospitals, and Patrick passed a law guaranteeing families the right to see loved ones during a pandemic or public health emergency.

Fixing Our Electricity Grid

After the 2021 winter freeze, Dan Patrick had every member of the Texas Public Utility Commission and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas replaced. And this new leadership is why Texas was able to keep power flowing during an extremely hot summer.

Vote for Dan Patrick

Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 8
Vote Early Oct. 24 to Nov. 4