Vote Nov. 8th for Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick Is A Principled Conservative

Dan Patrick has passed a conservative state budget to keep spending and inflation in check, and reduce the cost of living on Texas families.

Fixing Our Electricity Grid

After the 2021 winter freeze, Dan Patrick had every member of the Texas Public Utility Commission and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas replaced. And this new leadership is why Texas was able to keep power flowing during an extremely hot summer.

Securing the Border

Dan Patrick led the charge to spend over $5 billion to secure the Texas border and to send buses with immigrants to Washington DC, and he supports Texas finishing the border wall if the federal government won’t do it.

Responsible with Taxpayer Dollars and Our State Budget

While Joe Biden and the federal government are spending trillions of dollars that have increased inflation, Dan Patrick passed a spending cap and made sure that the state budget does not increase more than population growth and the rate of inflation, keeping the cost of living lower than other states and helping Texas families.

Improving Mental Health Access & Services

Dan Patrick has done more to increase access to mental health services for Texas families than any Lieutenant Governor in Texas history, including allocating over $1 billion to build and renovate state mental health hospitals, and investing over $200 million for a state program to help parents access mental health services for their children and increase programs to prevent suicide and violence

In God We Trust

Dan Patrick passed legislation placing In God We Trust in the Texas Senate as well as in every school, and added the words Under God in the state pledge.

Vote for Dan Patrick

Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 8
Vote Early Oct. 24 to Nov. 4