Statement on Last Night’s State House Election Results

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Statement on Last Night’s State House Election Results
Wake-Up Call for Texas House

HOUSTON TX – Texas Lieutenant Governor and conservative Republican candidate for re-election, Dan Patrick, released the following statement:

“The expiration date on Dade Phelan’s Speakership is plainly written on the bottle. Last night was a referendum on his leadership and Republican voters, the conservative majority, spoke with great clarity.

“Dade Phelan failed in his role as Speaker. He led his members to take bad votes on the House floor that cost them dearly at home. The cardinal rule for a Speaker is to protect his members.

“Dade Phelan’s even greater failure was ignoring the policy goals of the conservative majority of voters in Texas. From border security and tax relief to election integrity, criminal justice, and school choice, Phelan abandoned the GOP majority and answered the call of his Democrat Chairs and the rest of the minority party members.

“Astonishingly, next session, up to one third of the Republican Caucus will be new members. There were nine retirements and 36 GOP incumbent races with competitive challengers. Nine incumbents lost outright and eight are headed to high-risk runoffs. The House Republican Caucus will look vastly different when they reconvene for the 89th Legislative Session. These new candidates were elected as a result of the failed leadership of Dade Phelan and will not likely repeat the mistakes of their predecessors.

“Dade Phelan’s special interest money couldn’t save his incumbents, nor could it save him. He campaigned in his district as a conservative, but his track record in Austin couldn’t back it up. He railed against ‘outsiders’ trying to steal the race from the people of Southeast Texas – all the while importing special interest lobby money into the district to hold onto his seat. The message was delivered by the voters – it’s not ‘his’ seat. It belongs to the people. It was a great night for the conservative majority in Texas.”

To download a pdf version of this press release, click here.