Statement by Dan Patrick on Desperate Attacks by Patterson

Pastor Hagee confirms endorsement in hand-written note

AUSTIN – “With 26 days to go in the race for Lt. Governor, Jerry Patterson is recklessly launching personal and untrue attacks against me.

“Sunday night on Facebook, Jerry Patterson said he had an email from Pastor John Hagee saying he had not endorsed Dan Patrick.  That post has since, mysteriously, disappeared.  Patterson continued the attack that I didn’t have the endorsement of Pastor Hagee the next day.  Yesterday in the Austin American Statesman, Patterson took his absurd attack to a new level calling me a pathological liar and suggesting I made up the Pastor’s endorsement.

“I was going to ignore his latest rant but he has gone too far.  He is not only questioning my integrity, but that of the Pastor himself.  It’s one thing to attack a political opponent, something Patterson does on a daily basis, but to attack a supporter, especially a world renown Christian leader, is taking politics to a new low.

“Let’s set the record straight. Pastor Hagee publicly stated his endorsement of me at his home to members of his church at a fundraiser for me on August 29th.  I’ve had a quote from the Pastor on my website for 5 months.  Why Patterson would make this an issue to begin with is ridiculous?

“Monday, when told Patterson was making his endorsement an issue, Pastor Hagee immediately sent me a handwritten note: attached below. 

“Throughout this campaign Patterson has grown increasingly angry and sharpened his attacks on me and others.  His personal and negative attacks against others and me will not inspire voters.  Margaret Thatcher once said when the personal attacks begin your opponents have lost the political argument.”