State Representative Lois Kolkhorst Condemns Dewhurst’s Negative Campaign

Becomes 30th State Representative to Endorse Dan Patrick for Lt. Governor

 AUSTIN – This morning State Representative Lois W. Kolkhorst (R-Brenham), Chairman of the Texas House Public Health Committee, issued a statement regarding the most recent attacks on Senator Dan Patrick (R-Houston).

“Over the past week we have seen Senator Patrick hit by an unprecedented wave of personal attacks based around his personal medical history from over 30 years ago. Depression is something experienced by a large number of Americans in their lifetime, and Senator Patrick’s successful efforts to seek help should be applauded, not used as campaign fodder.”

“I have had the honor of serving as Chair of Public Health in the Texas House over the past six years.  During that time, we have worked on numerous health issues, including the fight to protect a person’s right to medical privacy. ”

“In 2011, with the help of colleagues, I authored and passed HB 300, a bi-partisan, health privacy bill that passed unanimously in both the Senate and House. This bill was written specifically to make Texas a national leader in protecting a person’s sensitive online medical data. Injecting politics into someone’s private medical records is a disservice to every Texan and a prime reason why members of the public are dissatisfied with the political process.”

“I was dismayed to see the race for Lt. Governor descend into such inappropriate territory. These kind of negative personal attacks have no place in Texas.”

“I want to offer my support and endorsement to Senator Patrick, who has made a sincere effort to stick to the issues in this campaign. The Senator has offered up conservative solutions to the challenges Texans will face in the decades to come, and I’m excited to work with him next session to continue to make Texas the finest state in the nation.”

Rep. Lois W. Kolkhorst is the 30th state representative to endorse Dan Patrick for Lt. Governor along with six incoming state senators.





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