Senator Dan Patrick Wins Debate

Liberal Leticia Van de Putte forced to defend out-of-touch voting record

AUSTIN – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor makes the following statement regarding tonight’s debate against his opponent:

“This evening’s debate served as a reminder to all Texans that there is no clearer choice between two candidates than there is in this race for Lieutenant Governor. I am the pro-business, pro-jobs candidate that will lower property taxes for all Texans, cut wasteful state government spending, eliminate job-killing regulations, improve our schools, secure the border, and continue to work hard for my fellow Texans.

“My opponent, on the other hand, will continue to recklessly push a liberal job-killing agenda by raising your taxes, expanding Obamacare, dangerously spending more tax dollars on failed liberal policies, keeping too many children trapped in failing schools, and weakening our border rather than securing it. Her voting record supports this.

“Texans know where I stand. I’ve spent the last year talking about the issues and listening to voters across the state. I base my priorities on the needs and concerns of our citizens.

“There is no blurring of the lines in this race. We have both cast thousands of votes as Senators and the records are clear – I’m a conservative who reflects the values of most Texans and she is a liberal who does not.”





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