Senator Dan Patrick Re-Files RU-486 Bill at Senate Bill 9

Renews his dedication to passing this important bill to protect women’s health.

This morning, Senator Dan Patrick refilled his legislation that requires abortion providers to follow Food and Drug Administration guidelines when prescribing RU-486.

“I have filed this bill in four consecutive sessions now because I believe women need and deserve the highest standard of care even when seeking an abortion,” said Patrick.

Mifeprex, commonly known as RU-486, is a regimen of two drugs that triggers a medical abortion. SB 9 requires physicians authorized to provide RU-486 to follow the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and manufacturer guidelines. This includes three critical patient examinations, which are needed both for determining the effectiveness of the medication as well as checking for dangerous side effects. The bill also requires the physician to provide the woman with a phone number where she may reach the physician or health care staff of the facility if she has any questions or concerns after taking the medication.

“I am solidly against abortions,” said Patrick. “But if a woman is going to pursue this dangerous procedure, she should be able to expect the same standard of care given in any other medical procedure.”

This bill was part of SB 5, the omnibus abortion bill, which was at the center of the filibuster on Tuesday.