Senate Stands Up for the Average Texas Homeowner

Since the first day the special session began on May 30th, Governor Abbott has sided with the House plan that spends the entire $17.6 billion set aside for property tax relief on compression (reducing the school tax rate to lower property taxes). The House plan, which Abbott supports, does not include the $100K homestead exemption for 5.7 million homeowners that the Senate and I support. The difference between the two plans:

House plan saves the average homeowner $740 a year, which is not permanent. The Senate plan saves the average homeowner $1,200-1,450 a year and is permanent for as long as they own their home.

Since the House and Senate have set aside the same amount of $17.6 billion for property tax relief, why is there a difference? As virtually every editorial and news article has stated, the House plan favors business and the most expensive homes. Our Senate plan favors the average homeowner. These many news articles support the Senate plan because it gives more to the average homeowner.

This week, Governor Abbott threatened to destroy the work of the entire 88th Legislative Session – hundreds of thousands of hours by lawmakers doing the work the people sent us to do – if we didn’t strike a deal with the House on property taxes by Sunday. He has already vetoed many good bills for no reason except to pressure the senators to give up your $100K homestead exemption. His vetoes have had the opposite effect. It has only stiffened the Senate’s resolve to get you your exemption. And it’s made many voters very unhappy when important bills for their community were killed for no reason.

On the first day of the special session, the House didn’t pass the homestead exemption, quit, then went home. The House needs to get back to work in Austin and pass the $100K homestead exemption so the average homeowner gets the biggest tax cut possible. The House passed the homestead exemption 147-0 once during the 88th session before dropping it now. They simply need to pass it again.

Meanwhile, the Senate and I have not stopped working. The Senate and I will not abandon 5.7 million average Texas homeowners getting their $100,000 homestead exemption.

The clock is ticking.


In case you missed it, watch this short clip from my press conference last week on why the Senate Property Tax Plan, which continues to gain more and more support, gives homeowners more tax relief than the Governor/House plan.

Here’s why the Texas Senate plan of Homestead Exemption plus Compression is the best plan for Texas



The Senate and I are committed to delivering real property tax relief to the average Texas homeowner. The House Plan benefits big business and the wealthiest Texans the most.

This Houston home would get a $176,561 tax cut, and the average homeowner would get just $712. Under our Senate Plan, both houses would get the same $100,000 homestead exemption.

The Senate doesn’t take money from the average homeowner and give it to big business and the wealthiest. I won’t back down in the fight for property tax relief for everyday Texans.

I’ve spent the past week traveling back and forth across Texas discussing how the Senate plan provides the most tax relief for the average homeowner

Senate Plan

Appeared on the Debbie Georgatos show in Dallas on Thursday on why the Senate will not back down on getting homeowners a $100K homestead exemption and the most prominent property tax cut in history.


Started the morning in Dallas on Thursday with a widely covered press conference on homestead exemptions for 5.7 million homeowners across Texas.

Dallas Conference

Barnstorming across the state this week on getting homeowners the biggest property tax cut in history took me to Midland on Wednesday.



Had a big turnout of grassroots voters in Dallas on our tour. They want their homestead exemption, and I promised the Senate will not back down from giving it to them.


Everywhere we went, the media turned out to hear about property tax cuts. Virtually every news article and every editorial supports the Senate Homestead Exemption as part of the plan.

Houston Conference

A great turnout in Houston to hear about property tax relief. We made media stops everywhere to get the word out on the Senate’s $100K Homestead Exemption tax cut plan. Everybody wants their exemption.


Texas Senate Taking a Strong Stand in Support of Border Security During Special Session

Border Bills

Texans are fed up with the Biden administration’s abdication of their constitutional responsibility to enforce our southern border. We are picking up the slack where Biden is failing. Here’s my official statement following the Texas Senate’s passage of Special Session Border Security Bills, SB 2, SB 8, and HB 2.

The Texas Senate is in Austin, working diligently to address the priorities of Texans, including these critical bills. The Senate will pass these bills over and over again in every special session until the Texas House returns from their vacation.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks; here are four things you might have missed at the end of the 88th session:

Coming Together for Worship: One of My Favorite Days of the 140-Day Session


In 2017, I started a new tradition of having a church service for senators on the last Sunday in a regular session, the only week we work on Sunday. We disagree on issues from time to time in our own party and across party lines, but many of us come together for worship and song on this last Sunday. After the service, we hold hands on the Senate floor to say the Lord’s Prayer. It’s one of my favorite days of the 140-day session. I work alongside many really good people, both senators and staff. It’s a blessing.

Welcoming Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to Texas



At the Capitol last month, we welcomed a special guest from across the pond, former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He was here to learn more about the Lone Star State’s entrepreneurial spirit and our booming economy. No income tax, low cost of living, and conservative pro-business policies make Texas an economic powerhouse and a prime location for business.

Remembering the Texas DPS Troopers Who Gave Their Lives Protecting the Lone Star State



Last month, we remembered the Texas DPS Troopers who lost their lives protecting the Lone Star State. Our troopers put their lives on the line for us every day. We acknowledge and honor the sacrifices they make, day in and day out, for their fellow Texans.

Honoring Mrs. Opal Lee, the “Grandmother of Juneteenth”

Opal Lee

The Texas Senate unveiled the newest portrait added to the chamber walls of Mrs. Opal Lee, the “Grandmother of Juneteenth.” It was a historic moment and well-deserved for a Texas icon. It’s the first new addition in over 30 years.

Last session, I pledged that her portrait would hang in the chamber, and we made that promise a reality.

On a Lighter Note…


Our current president, ladies, and gentlemen…this graphic sums him up perfectly.

Thank you all for your support and everything you do to keep Texas red. May God bless you and your family, and may He continue to bless the greatest state of all—Texas.


Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick
Lieutenant Governor of Texas