Remembering Our Heroes

Last Wednesday marked the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor where more than 2,000 Americans lost their lives. We took time on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day to honor the heroes who lost their lives that day in that surprise attack.  We must never forget that the freedoms we enjoy today were hard fought and won, with the ultimate sacrifice of the patriots at Pearl Harbor and many others.

Thinking about our freedoms and our great democracy made it particularly disheartening to read the stories about an Electoral College elector from Texas who is making national news for not keeping his word.  When Christopher Suprun ran to represent Texas voters in the Electoral College, he agreed to support the presidential candidate who won the majority of votes in Texas. Now he’s saying he will not vote for President-elect Trump, who won Texas by nine points.

Suprun’s decision to disregard the will of Texas voters has prompted me to ask the legislature to consider creating a law that will require our Electoral College electors to follow the will of the voters. 29 other states already have this law and Texas needs to become the 30th!

We must always do everything we can to ensure the integrity of our elections. I was interviewed about this last week on the radio. You can hear the interview here.

#BacktheBlue Christmas Ornament Giveaway

As we enter the holiday season, I ask that you keep all our law enforcement men and women in your prayers. Sadly, there will be many families and friends of law enforcement officers who will be celebrating Christmas without their loved ones for the first time this year.

Texas has had more law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty than any state.  That’s why I made Protective Vests for Police (Senate Bill 12) a top legislative priority for the Legislative Session that begins in January.  Our police officers work hard every day to keep us safe. We must do everything we can that will help make them safer.  If SB 12 becomes law, it will help provide police with protective vests capable of stopping high-caliber bullets.

This year we hung ornaments on our Christmas tree in the Senate Chamber honoring our men and women in law enforcement.  To help others show their support this Christmas, I’m giving away a “Back the Blue” Christmas ornament. Click the image below to enter the giveaway before Wednesday, Dec. 14 at noon.
Thank you for supporting our Texas men and women in law enforcement.

P.S. I spoke at the annual Robson Ranch Republican Club Christmas party this week.  Great to see good friends and fellow conservatives.