Remember the Alamo!

On March 6, 1836, brave men fought and died to save the Alamo. It was a battle that changed the course of history for Texas, the United States and the world. Now is the time for Texans to come together and fight for it again.

In 2015, the Texas Legislature provided funding to preserve the Alamo and begin the process of rebuilding Alamo Plaza so Texans and the world can see the battlefield as it was on March 6, 1836. I believe that project has gotten badly off track.  I do not intend to sit quietly and see this project fail.  Click here to read my entire statement on the direction of the Alamo restoration project.  Texas Republican primary voters made it clear where they stand on protecting the Alamo.  I tweeted about it on Election Night.

More Super Tuesday Roundup 

I also joined Shannon Bream on Fox News on Super Tuesday to talk about election results and how the Democrats are helping get President Trump elected in November with stunts like Joe Biden saying Beto O’Rourke would be his “gun czar.”  If you missed it, click here to watch.

Talking with Tucker Carlson about the Hispanic Vote

ICYMI my appearance on Fox News with Tucker Carlson on Monday night, click here.

Though the Democratic turnout was large, more people voted during the primary for President Donald Trump than for the top four presidential Democratic candidates, further proving Texas is not a battleground state. I was on WFAA’s “Inside Texas Politics” this morning to talk about it. Click here to watch.

Stay Up to Date on the Coronavirus

Texas is doing all we can to stay ahead of the curve in preparing for the coronavirus and keeping our communities safe. Everyone should stay alert. Seniors, especially if they have major health issues, should stay informed as the virus has impacted that age group more than others to date.

As a senior myself who travels a lot, I am avoiding handshakes as much as I can. I wash my hands thoroughly multiple times a day and carry anti-bacterial wipes or spray to clean surfaces at hotels, including TV remotes.  On airplanes, wipe down armrests, seatbelt buckles and anything else that makes sense.

Senator Ted Cruz has self-quarantined for a few days after coming into contact at CPAC with someone who tested positive. Ted has no symptoms; he is just being cautious and smart.

For ongoing updates about what is happening in Texas, go to the Texas Department of State Health Services for information. The Texas Education Agency also put out guidelines this week for Spring Break for kids and parents.  Click here for that.

Also This Week:

Thank you for your continued support and for all that you do for the great state of Texas.


Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick
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