Regular Legislative Session Ends: Battle for Property Taxes and Privacy Continues

I began this session with a strong conservative agenda that affirmed my commitment to property tax reform, women’s privacy, life, the second amendment, border security, religious liberty and a lean and efficient government.

I’m proud to share all 30 of my top priorities passed out to the Texas Senate, and 20 of the 30 priorities I announced in January are on track to become law. Below are a few highlights from the 85th Legislative Session:


– The Senate led in passing a conservative budget that is more than a billion dollars less that our last budget and did not use the Rainy Day Fund for on-going expenses.

– The Senate led in passing legislation banning sanctuary cities and maintained funding for border security. We passed one of the strongest pro-life bills ever, protecting the dignity and sanctity of life by banning partial birth abortion in Texas as well as increasing criminal penalties for buying or selling human fetal tissue. We also passed critical reforms for Child Protective Services.

– The Senate led in strengthening religious liberty with the sermon protection act and we provided funding for protective vests for every law enforcement officer in Texas. We also passed a critical Photo Voter ID law.

– The Senate also led on ethics reform including additional public disclosures for office holders and candidates and cutting retirement benefits for elected officials who are convicted felons.


Below is the list of my top 30 legislative priorities. Click here for more information.
30 For 30


The Texas House killed real property tax reform, privacy protections, additional school funding and the tuition freeze that passed the senate.


I am disappointed the Texas House blocked the passage of real property tax reform through rate rollbacks and mandatory elections. Unfortunately this means that Texans will continue to suffer a high property tax burden. The House also ignored the need to establish privacy regulations for schools and other local entities, ensuring that our state will continue to be embroiled in this issue in local communities and school restrooms, locker rooms and showers. Click here to see a video of my press conference on these issues in the closing days of the legislative session.  


The House killed the tuition freeze legislation, which would have immediately addressed the spiraling costs of a college education that is crippling many Texans. Inexplicably, the House also rejected over a half-billion dollars in additional school funding because of their refusal to accept a school choice program for disabled children.
I am very proud of what we were able to accomplish in the 140 days of this legislative session and I give all the credit to the vigilance and hard work of every senator.  We will continue to celebrate these victories of conservative principles and governance and we will continue to fight the battles that remain — particularly on property taxes and privacy which remain ‘must-pass’ legislation.


Thank you for your support during the 85th Legislative Session.