Prop 4, Trump’s visit to Texas, standing with Israel, and more…

President Trump’s Visit to Texas

I joined President Trump in Dallas on Wednesday night before flying to Houston with him for two events the following day. The event was standing-room only and there was a huge turnout.

We have become great friends over the past several years. We talked the entire 45-minute flight with his favorites – burgers, fries, and orange soda. He’s made me a fan of it.

What absolutely amazes me is with all he has in front of him, he always asks me about how others are doing and how he can help them.

I’ve been with him many times when a total stranger tells him about someone in the hospital, or maybe a special senior birthday. He’ll tell the stranger to call them right then and he’ll talk to them or record a phone video. It takes only a few minutes of his time, but it means so much to that person. It’s a lifetime memory. It’s not a rare occurrence. He loves doing it. He loves making people feel good and feel important.

To underscore that point, last night at about 9:30pm, he called me to see how I was doing. After the full day he had, that’s the last thing he needed to do and I told him that. That’s who he is and that’s why the public is drawn to him. They know he genuinely cares about them. People can see through the B.S. of so many people in office. He’s authentic.

His latest polling numbers show him winning in many key swing states. People have had enough of Joe Biden, the total opposite of authenticity.

A Quick Health Update

For those of you who don’t know, I was diagnosed with viral pneumonia early Thursday morning. I am recovering and working from home until I can resume my full-time schedule.

I have canceled all scheduled meetings for this week, including both official and political engagements. I have also spoken with Senator Charles Schwertner, President Pro Tempore of the Senate, and advised him of my absence.

The members of the Texas Senate are fully prepared to address any issues that the governor may include in a fourth special session and will again move promptly to pass substantial legislation to the House. This will be our fourth time passing universal school choice, fifth time passing teacher pay raises, and seventh time passing a strong border security bill this year.

We will keep at it until we pass the legislation you asked us to pass.


** UPDATE: Prop 4 was overwhelmingly approved meaning the $100,000 homestead exemption will be codified in the Texas Constitution forever – a massive victory in the fight against property taxes that takes effect this year. Congratulations, Texas! **

Texans, today is Election Day. There are 14 propositions you can vote on. Remember, the Constitutional amendment for the $100,000 homestead exemption is on the ballot, and if approved, will be permanent and codified in the Texas Constitution.

This year, I refused to give up on providing you a $100,000 homestead exemption. The House, twice in two special sessions, did not pass it out as part of their property tax bill. With all 31 senators standing with me, we won the battle. The Senate was not going to take no for an answer.

Now, all you need to do is go vote to put it in the Constitution and get your $100,000 homestead exemption ($110,000 for seniors). It’s effective this year and, with compression, will lower the average homeowner’s bill by $1,100 to $1,400 a year as long as you homestead your home. The average homeowner’s school tax bill will go down by 40%.

You can visit for more information.

I Stand Strongly with Israel

A few weeks ago, I announced that my campaign was buying $3 million in Israeli bonds. I’ve since decided to double that, bringing our total investment to $6 million. I am also personally buying $25,000 in Israeli bonds. I stand strongly with Israel. They need our help NOW in the fight against terrorism.

In case you missed it, you can click here to read my press release.

Here’s a photo of the pin I’ve been proudly wearing – also pictured in the video linked below.

You can also click here to watch a short video I shared on social media upon announcing this news.


Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick
Lieutenant Governor of Texas