Postcard from Iowa

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  I am on the ground in Iowa where I will speak to Iowa Caucus goer’s tomorrow night on behalf of President Trump.  This is my third time to campaign in Iowa.  The Hawkeye State is so much smaller than Texas – the population here is just over 3 million, compared to almost 29 million in Texas, but Iowa’s first in the nation presidential vote always puts them in the spotlight.

President Trump has a great story to tell and, if you saw the jam-packed Keep America Great Rally in Des Moines last week, it is clear that the people of Iowa are listening.  No matter which of the socialist, open-border, anti-gun, pro-abortion Democrats come out on top on their side tomorrow night, Trump is the clear winner.  In contrast to the Democrat’s socialist, big-spending message, Trump is running on a booming economy with 7 million new jobs, record-breaking unemployment, tax cuts, 187 conservative judges appointed, including 2 new Supreme Court Justices, historic trade deals like USMCA signing last week and so much more.  I just saw a poll from Texas this morning noting that Trump will defeat any Democrat currently running in the Lone Star State – and, as I have said, the margin will be larger than 2016.

ICYMI – Trump’s Super Bowl Ad

In case you miss it during the game, here is one of President Trump’s Super Bowl ads:

I will keep you posted on the Iowa Caucuses tomorrow.  God bless you, your family, and the greatest state of all—Texas.


Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick
Lieutenant Governor of Texas