Phelan Fails to Deliver Again

Monday, November 6, 2023

Phelan Fails to Deliver Again

HOUSTON TX – Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s campaign released the following statement:

The Texas House, under the failed leadership of Dade Phelan, has again failed to advance meaningful legislation to secure the Texas border. The Texas Senate has repeatedly passed tough, no-nonsense border security bills to the House, SB 6 and SB 11, which were never given a vote in committee or on the House floor.

SB 1 (school choice) and SB 2 (teacher pay raises) never even received a House committee hearing or a vote on the House floor. Speaker Phelan, beholden only to the Democrats who put him in office and maintain his position, has refused to admit that border security is a priority for every Texan. Human trafficking, drug trafficking, and cartel activity threaten public safety every day.

Real leaders in Texas demand substantial legislative action, not small-minded hyperbole. Phelan’s tough talk after another failed special session is nothing but a fig leaf to cover up two regular sessions and six special sessions of lackluster leadership and an utter failure to deliver what Texans demand from their Legislature.

The Texas Senate will return for the fourth special session, caused by Dade Phelan’s failures, to again advance serious legislation to address the concerns of the conservative majority of Texans – and wait for the Texas House to join the effort.





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