Patrick Statement: “I did not twist words or float rumors”

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Patrick Statement:  “I did not twist words or float rumors”
It’s Right There in an official GLO Document

Houston, TX – Lt. Governor Dan Patrick issued the following statement this evening in response to comments issued earlier by Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush:

“There is never an excuse for anyone to threaten or issue a racist attack.  That said, my statement earlier today did not twist words or float rumors.  It was in response to recent comments by the Land Commissioner as well as the following paragraph which was included in the General Land Office Alamo update last night.”

There has been a small, vocal minority opposing any action affecting the Cenotaph, including repair and restoration.  Unfortunately, there are members of this contingency who have used racial and derogatory words and issued threats against Texas Land Commissioner Bush and City Councilman Robert Trevino as part of their opposition. These same individuals are attempting to spread misinformation and outright lies in order to stop the Alamo Plan from moving forward.

“I was surprised and disappointed to see this language seep into an official statement from the GLO.”







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