Patrick Runoff Fundraising Tops $4 Million

HOUSTON – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and authentic conservative candidate for Lieutenant Governor, released totals from the regular filing of contributions and expenditures with the Texas Ethics Commission.  The report will be filed on-line later today.

The report covers activity from February 23 through May 17, 2014 and shows the Patrick campaign raising over four million dollars in contributions, including broad grassroots support. This tremendous fundraising enabled the campaign to launch an aggressive statewide media campaign totaling over $3.75 million.

The report also shows the campaign still has over $400,000 on hand to finish strong over the next eight days of this Runoff period.

“Grassroots support, which has always been the key to my electoral success, came through again.  I’m pleased to announce that we had over 1,000 on-line donations of less than one hundred dollars.

“Additionally, I’m very proud of the work done by our finance committee.  We have demonstrated strong financial support from every corner of the state.  Their efforts were key to our success.

State Finance Chair:  Jim Lee, Houston
Dallas Team Leaders:  Roy Bailey, Mike Gruber, Butch McCaslin, Brint Ryan
Ft. Worth Team Leaders:  Howard Katz
Houston Team Leaders:  Steve Hotze, M.D., Steve Mach, John L. Nau III, Richard J. Trabulsi, Jr., Christopher Zook
San Antonio Team Leaders:  Jim Leininger, M.D., Mark Mays
West Texas Team Leaders:  Tim Dunn, Kyle Stallings

“Early Voting begins today.  I urge everyone to find their closest early voting location and cast their ballot before the Memorial Day weekend,” Patrick concluded.