Patrick Releases Video Statement on Alamo Cenotaph

Friday, September 18, 2020

Patrick Releases Video Statement on Alamo Cenotaph
Lt. Governor will urge THC to keep Cenotaph inside the battle walls

HOUSTON TX – Lt. Governor Dan Patrick issued this statement and video today in advance of the Texas Historical Commission meeting next Tuesday regarding the next phase of the Alamo renovation plan, including the placement of the Alamo Cenotaph:

“Over the past several years, the state has provided initial funding of over $100 million for the renovation of the Alamo battlefield site. The goal is to build a world class historic site to honor the memory of the brave men who died there. The third and latest design plan by the Alamo Trust appears to be finally on track to tell their story. However, the relocation of the Alamo Cenotaph outside the battle walls is currently part of that plan. That is not acceptable.

“I will be testifying at the Texas Historical Commission meeting on Tuesday and will express why the Alamo Cenotaph should remain inside the battle walls. I have prepared this short video in advance of the THC meeting. To view, click here.

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