Patrick Releases New Poll Results

Dewhurst attacks failing – Patrick maintains lead

HOUSTON – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and authentic conservative candidate for Lieutenant Governor, released polling results fresh from the field.

The poll memo from the Wickers Group lays out a compelling story.  A copy of the poll memo is available here.

Dewhurst’s slash and burn campaign tactics are not achieving the desired results for his campaign.  The ballot test is strong and Patrick enjoys a 14% advantage over Dewhurst among the statewide sample, and a 23% lead among the highly likely voters.  The lead expands to 43% among those who voted for Ted Cruz in the 2012 GOP Primary Runoff.

Voter opinion is going our way.  Patrick “favorables” are up, and Dewhurst’s are down.  Patrick “unfavorables” are down, and Dewhurst’s are up.

From the Wickers Memo:

Conclusion: Despite millions of dollars in false, desperate attack ads by David Dewhurst against Senator Patrick, Dewhurst is in no better position than when he started the runoff campaign. Senator Patrick’s commanding lead with only two weeks to go until Election Day makes him the clear frontrunner to win the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor.

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