Patrick Plays Recording Exposing Toth as a Fraud

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Toth Lies About Senate Action, Blames Patrick;
Patrick Sets the Record Straight;
Toth Lies Again and Claims He Never Said That;
Patrick Plays Recording Exposing Toth as a Fraud

HOUSTON TX – The Tortuous Toth Tale continues. Rep. Toth would be well advised to remember it was the release of this recording that first brought this to the attention of the media.

Click here to listen to the audio recording.

Rep. Toth was caught on tape – in his own words – lying about the sequence of events surrounding legislation to protect minor children from gender mutilation. He wrongly claimed the legislation failed because of Senate inaction.

The Senate passed SB 1646 by Sen. Charles Perry, which was received in the House on April 29, 2021. This gave the House ample time to pass the bill. However, it never received a hearing. As shown in the timeline below, the House waited until the next week to read SB 1646 for the first time and refer it to committee, where it died.

Lt. Governor Patrick defended the Senate’s record and correctly asserted the Senate passed the bill early with plenty of time to spare, and even sent another version to the House in a final Hail Mary attempt. That effort also died in the House.

Rep. Toth doubled down and claimed he never said the Senate was to blame for sending the legislation over ridiculously late. In fact, he said it twice on the tape. He still refuses to acknowledge the Senate passed the bill on April 29 with plenty of time to pass it. I will not stand by quietly if anyone lies about the record of the Texas Senate.

Rep. Toth has dug a deep hole for himself. It’s time for him to stop digging.