Patrick on the 2020 Winning Republican Coalition

Wednesday, November 4th, 2020

Patrick on the 2020 Winning Republican Coalition
“Democrats may as well have lit $125 million on fire”

HOUSTON TX – Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick issued the following statement today on the Republican victories across Texas last night:

“The Texas Republican majority spoke loudly last night. Heartland voters who live in rural Texas joined with urban and suburban conservative warriors and thousands in Hispanic majority counties in South and West Texas to deliver the message that life, liberty, law and order, Texas values and our Second Amendment rights are their top priority. Despite out of state spending of at least $125 million dollars by out of state Democrat PACs, they rejected the anti-fracking, socialistic, Green New Deal and tax increases that the Democrats were pushing and instead voted for leaders who will keep the Texas economy strong. Democrats may as well as lit that $125 million on fire.

“That’s why Republicans continue to hold all statewide offices and control the House and Senate. South and West Texas continues to trend Republican and many Hispanic majority counties went red, just as we predicted they would. Despite the drumbeat of “voter suppression” from the fake news, more Texans voted in this election than ever in our history.

“I was proud to again serve as Chair of Trump Texas Victory. President Trump has been a good friend to Texas and Texas’ Republican majority showed its support for what he has done for America and what he is going to do. I spoke with the President several times last week and let him know that the people of Texas would deliver a victory for him in the Lone Star State. I want to thank the thousands of volunteers across Texas who worked on Trump Victory with me knocking on almost 2 million doors, making ten million phone calls and, of course, organizing those spontaneous Trump Trains. In Texas, we will Keep America Great.”

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