Patrick Joins Abbott in House Endorsements

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Patrick Joins Abbott in House Endorsements
Lt. Governor weighs into House races

HOUSTON TX – Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick released the following statement:

“I’m proud to join Governor Abbott in endorsing these fine candidates for Texas House. I believe the Texas House needs new leadership and a fresh crop of new members. These four candidates all bring their unique talents and skills to help repair the Texas House.

“I am formally announcing endorsements for Janis Holt (HD18), Helen Kerwin (HD58), Alan Schoolcraft (HD44), and Caroline Fairly (HD87).

“Janis Holt will bring a commonsense Southeast Texas perspective and a passion for public education to the Texas House for District 18. She will support our schools and protect parents’ right to determine what is best for their children.

“Helen Kerwin is a principled conservative who embodies the American dream and the Trump America First movement. District 58 couldn’t have better representation.

“Alan Schoolcraft will bring a unique blend of true conservative values and institutional knowledge to House District 44.

“Caroline Fairly is the next generation of true Texas leaders – smart, successful, and has a servant’s heart. As the next member for District 87, she will be a strong voice for the Texas Panhandle.

“As Chair of the Trump Texas campaign, I know that Texas conservatives are ready to go to the polls starting next week and I trust that these endorsements from Governor Abbott and me will help them choose solid conservatives for the Texas House.”






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