Patrick Endorses Peter Flores in Senate District 19

Patrick Endorses Peter Flores in Senate District 19
Republican Provides Common-Sense Alternative to Democrats’ Left-Wing Cage Match

HOUSTON, TX – Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick announced today he is endorsing Republican Peter Flores in the Senate District 19 Special Election slated for July 31.

“I am endorsing Pete Flores in Senate District 19. Though Democrats have held this seat for decades, Pete has brought a common-sense conservative message to this sprawling, 17-county district and voters are responding with a big thumbs-up. Democrats believe they own this State Senate seat and their candidates are engaged in a ruthless, left-wing cage match to keep it. But Pete is reminding District 19 voters that the seat actually belongs to the people. Pete is a principled, hardworking Texan who will make a great state senator. We need him in the Texas Senate and I urge the voters of Senate District 19 to elect him.”

Texans for Dan Patrick also announced that they are engaged in a digital advertising campaign to get Flores’ voters to the polls next Tuesday.

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