Patrick Declares Victory

HOUSTON – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and authentic conservative candidate for Lieutenant Governor, declared victory tonight following the Univision conversation in San Antonio with Mayor Julian Castro and moderated by the Texas Tribune’s Evan Smith.

“This wasn’t about winning or losing,” said Senator Patrick, “but I do feel that I won in San Antonio tonight because I got to discuss one of the most pressing public policy issues in our state in front of an audience that included many Democrats and others who had never listened to me before and did not know what I stand for.

“Immigration really isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue – it is a Texas issue and an American issue. I believe most Texans want a legal immigration system that provides public safety, human dignity and is supported by the rule of law,” concluded Patrick.

“Senator Patrick seized the opportunity to speak directly to the public tonight,” said Allen Blakemore, Patrick campaign strategist. “Conservatives need strong leaders who can take our message to the people. Dan went straight to the living rooms of Texans and concisely laid out a cogent immigration policy –secure the border, stop the daily tragedy wrought by human trafficking, and return to the rule of law. Tonight provided one more example of why Dan will be the winning candidate in May and November.”





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