Patrick Campaign Launches First Television Ad Statewide

AUSTIN – Today the Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor campaign launched its first television ad “Fight.” The ad will air in all major markets and select smaller markets in Texas on Fox News, where most conservative Texans get their news.
“Fight” is the first ad from any of the Republican campaigns for Lieutenant Governor to air on television. It highlights Dan Patrick’s commitment to secure the border and that Patrick is the only candidate for Lieutenant Governor to actively oppose in-state tuition for illegal immigrants (see attached white paper documenting each of the candidate’s positions.)
You can watch the ad here:

“Fight” script
Sen. Dan Patrick: “If Sam Houston, Travis, Bowie, and Austin were here today, they would be proud of Texas, but they’d be ashamed of Washington.Illegal immigration is Washington’s responsibility but it’s our problem.”
Voiceover:  “Dan Patrick is the only candidate for Lieutenant Governor to oppose in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.”
Sen. Dan Patrick:  “I’ll do what Washington won’t do: I’ll secure our border and I’ll end sanctuary cities. And I’ll never stop fighting against Obama’s attacks on Texas.”
Voiceover: “Secure the border. Fight Obama. Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor.”




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