Patrick Calls for SD 30 Candidates to Endorse 18 Vote Rule Change

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Patrick Calls for SD 30 Candidates to Endorse 18 Vote Rule Change

HOUSTON TX – Lt. Governor Dan Patrick issued the following statement today to the candidates in the Senate District 30 Run-Off.

“I have not endorsed a candidate in the SD 30 Special Election Run-off. The people of that district will decide which of the two candidates can best represent them in the Texas Senate. But as Election Day approaches, I think it is important voters know where each candidate stands on one of the first issues that their new Senator will vote on – the Senate’s procedural rules.

“I intend to ask the Senate to vote to change the number of votes required to bring a bill to the floor for consideration. When I was elected Lt. Governor in 2015, we changed the rule from 21 to 19 so that Democrats were no longer able to veto legislation they didn’t like. The Republican majority now stands at 18. I am recommending lowering the number of votes needed to bring a bill to the floor to 18. A simple majority vote of 16 is needed to pass a bill, but we must be able to get that bill to the floor without Democrats blocking it.

“Texans reaffirmed in the 2020 election that they support conservative candidates and conservative policies and I am committed to again moving a conservative agenda forward.

“This procedural vote is critical to the outcome of the next legislative session. The voters of Senate District 30 need to know where each candidate stands. I invite both candidates to declare their position in favor of supporting the 18 vote rule so we can move forward with conservative policies that are keeping Texas strong.”

The Texas Senate District 30 Run-Off Election will be held on December 19. Early voting begins Monday.


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