Patrick Buys Another $3 Million in Israeli Bonds

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Patrick Buys Another $3 Million in Israeli Bonds
Total Purchase Rises to $6 Million

HOUSTON TX – Texas Lieutenant Governor and conservative Republican candidate for re-election, Dan Patrick, released the following statement:

“On October 7th, when Israel was attacked by Hamas terrorists, I wanted to send a strong statement that I was standing with Israel, as I always have. I also wanted to send a clear message to everyone there is no room for anti-Semitism within the GOP or any conservative organization.

“As part of my show of support, I announced last week my campaign would purchase $3 million in Israeli bonds to help our friends.

“I did it because I believe it was the right thing to do and because I wanted to do more than just give words of support. The positive response was overwhelming. Texans have a strong affinity for Israel.

“As a young student studying history, I never understood how the world could remain silent during the rounding up of Jews in Europe. We know what happened next. Today, we are witnessing the worst slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust. Sadly, we are also seeing a rise in anti-Semitism on U.S. college campuses and around the world.

“I want to again draw attention to the plight of the Israeli people and their fight for the very existence of the Jewish homeland. I want to again draw attention to the atrocities committed by the Hamas terrorists.

“For these reasons, today, our campaign is announcing the purchase of an additional $3 million in Israeli bonds, bringing our total investment to $6 million. I am also personally buying $25,000 in Israeli bonds.

“I stand strongly with Israel.”

For those interested in supporting Israel with their own bond purchase, more information is available at