Patrick Announces Texas Delegate Count at Convention

Cleveland, OH – Texas Lt Governor Patrick this evening announced the delegate count for Texas before the nation and a live television audience. He spoke the following words:

“Madam Secretary, Mr. Chairman,

“On behalf of my friend and our great Governor Greg Abbott, who could not be here tonight, on behalf of our great State Chairman Tom Mechler, my name is Dan Patrick, Lieutenant Governor of the greatest job-creating state in the country and the twelfth largest economy on the planet, a state, and we’re really proud of this, where no Democrat has won statewide office since 1994, and where every Texan has the back of our law enforcement officers, I am proud to report our votes.

“For Marco Rubio, 3 votes.

“For our dear friend, a great conservative, our favorite son, who we love, Ted Cruz! 104 votes!

“And for our new friend, our latest adopted favorite son, for the man, who on the night of November 8th, is going to get a phone call, from a lady named Hillary when she concedes the race to the next President of the United States, Donald Trump, 48 votes!”




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