Outlining my Priorities for the 88th Legislative Session

My Priorities for Rural Texas and Statewide!

Last week, I held an extensive and thorough press conference explaining the budget surplus and previewing several of my major priorities for the upcoming session.

Chief among those are continued property tax relief, paying down debt, adding more natural gas power plants to the grid, continuing border security funding, creating a fund to support law enforcement in rural Texas, building much-needed mental health care hospitals across Texas, and so much more.

In case you missed it, you can click here to watch the press conference.

More on the 2023 Legislative Agenda with the Mark Davis Show

I joined The Mark Davis Show last Friday to continue talking about the 2023 legislative agenda and some of my top priorities for the upcoming session. Click here to listen.

A Christmas Tradition in the Texas Senate

When I was elected Lt. Governor in 2014, I brought back the tradition of having a Christmas tree in the Senate Chamber. This year, our tree came from Denison, Texas.

Thank you all for your support and everything you do to keep Texas red. May God bless you and your family, and may He continue to bless the greatest state of all—Texas.


Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick
Lieutenant Governor of Texas