Campaign Updates

Biden’s coming after Texas.

   The Democrats are attacking Texas’ economy and America’s energy independence! During his campaign, Joe Biden said he would transition away from oil and gas for our energy needs. Now, his nominee for Comptroller of the Currency, Comrade Omarova, says she wants to bankrupt the oil and gas industry. This is an absolute outrage. Hear

My Time With Our Law Enforcement

I attended the 13th Annual Houston Police Foundation Fundraiser over the weekend. One item that caught my attention was the new police dog. It can open doors, search buildings and do other dangerous work, saving police lives. We raised over $200,000 to purchase one for HPD, plus hundreds of thousands more for the department. Click here

The Leftist Attacks Continue…

 The leftist attacks on our traditional values sadly continue… The NAACP is now urging pro athletes not to sign with any teams in the Lone Star State due to policies Texans support! It goes without saying, the NAACP is totally wrong. I joined Utah Congressman Burgess Owens on Laura Ingraham’s program late Friday night

Our weekly wrap up.

Earlier this week, Governor Abbott signed the Protect Girls’ Sports Act into law. After passing this bill five times in the Texas Senate, I am proud to see this critical legislation become a reality in Texas. I joined my friend, Rick Roberts, on his program yesterday to talk about it. Click here to listen. Receiving the

That’s a wrap!

The Third Special Session adjourned late Monday night. We made monumental strides in delivering for the people of Texas. The bills passed serve as a testament to our steadfast commitment to our conservative values and doing what is right – even in the toughest of times. It adds to an already historic regular session that

Texas Won’t Back Down.

As some of you may have heard, an Obama-appointed federal judge ruled to temporarily block the enforcement of Senate Bill 8 — the Heartbeat Act, Texas’ lifesaving legislation that ensures once a fetal heartbeat is detected, the baby’s life must be protected. Late Friday night, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled to restore our law to

Voters Disapprove of Biden

Joe Biden’s border crisis is getting worse every single day, yet he refuses to do anything about it. He hasn’t visited the border in over a decade — and his policies show it. In a new poll, a majority of Texans approved of building a wall along our southern border. Texans understand the importance of enhancing

Tax Relief Must Come First.

Last Monday, we kicked off the start of our Third Special Session. We have a lot of important work to get done, and property tax relief is at the top of my list. Senate Bill 1, passed by the Senate 30-1, guarantees $2 billion in property tax relief, and that amount could rise to a total

Let’s talk about Biden’s refugee camp.

President Biden has allowed our southern border to collapse into total disarray. I went to the Del Rio bridge yesterday for a firsthand look at this illegal immigration disaster and spoke with Lawrence Jones about this humanitarian crisis, which is quickly spiraling out of control. Click here to watch the interview.  Last Friday, I joined