Lucio: Patrick Is As Good A Lieutenant Governor As Bullock Was

McALLEN, RGV – Former Republican state senator Dan Patrick had such a good first session as lieutenant governor he deserves to be ranked as highly as the late Bob Bullock, a legendary presiding officer of the Texas Senate.

This is the view of state Sen. Eddie Lucio, who accompanied Patrick on a swing through the Rio Grande Valley on Thursday. Lucio, a Democrat from Brownsville, is the fourth longest serving current state senator. There have been six lieutenant governors during his time in the Senate, which started in January, 1991.

“This session was incredibly good for me. If I had to choose one of the 15 sessions I have served in the state legislature, I would rate this session as No. 1 and would I rate it No. 1 because of the leadership of Dan Patrick,” Lucio said.

Asked what Patrick’s best attributes are as a lieutenant governor, Lucio said:

“He is a man of great intellect, a man who is down to earth; a man who, when you talk to him, gives you full attention. When you want to see him his door is always open. When you want to talk about an issue he is well prepared to articulate that issue himself. You are talking about someone who has been a former senator, a man who now has a leadership role, who understands the role of a senator and one who, because of his visits to the Valley on numerous occasions over the last eight or nine years, understands what this community is all about and the significance of a party’s place in the overall Texas structure.”

Lucio said the State of Texas is “blessed” to have Patrick serving as lieutenant governor. “Political parties mean nothing to me when it comes to showing leadership, showing sensitivity to the issues and he has done that. He has won me over and I am humbled to call him my friend.”

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