Lt. Governor Patrick honored with the Ronald Reagan Leadership award

As we give thanks for our family and friends and all the blessings of our lives over this holiday weekend, I know that, like me, you are also thankful that we live in Texas.  When America looks at what kind of country they want to be, they look to Texas.


I am particularly thankful for the men and women who sacrifice daily to protect our communities by serving in law enforcement. Sadly, too many pay the ultimate price for their service. The murder and ambush of San Antonio Police Detective Benjamin Marconi on Sunday reminds us again of the danger of their work.  Detective Marconi’s death brings the number of Texas police officers lost this year in the line of duty to 18.  More law enforcement officers have been lost in Texas than in any other state. We cannot tolerate our police officers becoming targets when they are doing their job, which is why protecting law enforcement must remain a top priority for Texas.   Please keep all our law enforcement officers in your prayers, especially those family and friends who are going into the holiday season grieving their lost loved ones.


I was humbled last week to be honored by the Texas Public Policy Foundation with the Ronald Reagan Leadership award.  Ronald Reagan is one of my heroes so receiving an award named in his honor was very special.  I believe Reagan would be pleased with the legislative priorities I have laid out over the past two weeks highlighting the issues I believe will be most important going into the next legislative session.  These issues are all rooted in the conservative principles of life, liberty and lean government to increase prosperity. Here are some of the bills that reflect my agenda for Texas:



SB 1 – 2017 Budget Proposal – the FY 18-19 Budget Estimate is not yet available, but we will pass a balanced budget that will strengthen the Texas economy and assure that it retains its global competitiveness.
SB 2 – Property Tax Reform – Texans pay the sixth highest property taxes in the nation and the high rates are taxing people out of their homes and hampering business growth. This must change.
SB 3 – School Choice – There is broad support for legislation to ensure that every parent has the option to send their child to the school they believe is best for them.
SB 4 – Sanctuary Cities – No city in Texas should be allowed to ignore the law. We will end this practice once and for all this session.
SB 5 – Photo Voter ID – Nothing is more critical to our democracy than the integrity of the voting process. Photo Voter ID is essential.
SB 6 – Women’s Privacy Act – A majority of Texans in both political parties and in every ethnic and demographic group believe that women and girls should have privacy and safety in their restrooms, showers and locker rooms. Unfortunately, legislation is necessary to assure that they do.
SB 7 – Inappropriate Teacher-Student Relationships – “Pass the Trash” – With the rapid increase in the number of inappropriate teacher-student relationships, legislation is needed to strengthen the reporting and training requirements, and establish appropriate penalties. Priority must be given to protecting our students at every level of the school system.
SB 8 – Fetal Tissue/Partial Birth Abortion – We will continue to fight to protect the dignity and sanctity of life by increasing criminal penalties for buying or selling human fetal tissue, among other protections, and we will ban partial birth abortion in Texas.
SB 9 – Spending Cap – We will continue to fight to strengthen the state spending limit so our government lives within its means.
SB 10 – Hailstorm Lawsuit Reform – We will rein in the hailstorm lawsuit abuse that is damaging local economies around our state.
SB 11 – DFPS Child Protection Bill – SB 11 will strengthen our ability to protect Texas children by enhancing investigations to reduce abuse and neglect and ensure child safety, addressing access to appropriate treatment and placement options, improving foster care contract oversight and accountability, and strengthening adoptions.
SB 12 – Protective Vests for Police – Texas has over 77,000 licensed law enforcement officers and our state has lost more law enforcement officers in the line of duty than any state in America.  SB 12 will ensure that the safety of police officers across the state is a top priority, including helping provide police with protective vests capable of stopping high-caliber bullets. Some of the officers killed in the deadly Dallas sniper ambush earlier this year had bullet-proof vests that were ineffective against high-caliber rounds.
SB 13 – Union Dues – SB 13 will ensure taxpayer funds are not used to support the collection of union dues.
SB 14 – Ethics Reform – SB 14 will strengthen Texas ethics laws, and ensure government officials and employees are held to high standards that inspire the public’s confidence in a transparent and ethically principled government.
SB 15 – First Responder Property Tax Relief – SB 15 will create a homestead tax exemption for the surviving spouse of a first responder killed in the line of duty. The bill will include spouses of previously deceased responders.
SB 16 – License to Carry Fee Reform – SB 16 will continue to support 2nd Amendment rights by making lawful carry more affordable for the average law abiding citizen.  Texas currently has one of the highest License to Carry fees in the country, and we will fix that.
SB 17 – Franchise Tax Reduction – SB 17 will continue to explore phase-out options of the franchise tax.
SB 18 – Tuition Set-Asides – SB 18 will stop Texas families from being forced to subsidize college costs for others.
SB 19 – Tuition Reform – The state has increased funding for higher education, but tuition and fees have continued to rise. Taxpayers must be assured they are getting a quality education at a cost they can afford. SB 19 will prevent tuition and fees from continuing to outpace what hardworking Texans earn.
SB 20 – Prohibiting Abortion Insurance Coverage – It’s imperative that we continue to fight for life and for those who do not have a voice. SB 20 We will protect Texans from being forced to pay for someone else’s decision to end an innocent life.


Thank you for all that you do for your communities and for Texas.  I am very thankful for your support.