Lt. Gov. Patrick visits San Angelo, says Texas in state of political flux

SAN ANGELO, Texas – Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick dropped into San Angelo on Tuesday as part of a statewide tour and recalled another time he was here: “It was 1980 and 110 on the thermometer,” Patrick said.

Then a sportscaster, he was covering the Houston Oilers practicing here at their summer football camp.

“I never thought at that time I would become lieutenant governor.”

He remembered dining at Zentner’s Daughter on that trip and was happy to find the restaurant still here, visiting it at lunch.

Patrick met with Angelo State University president Brian May and some local business leaders, including representatives from Hirschfeld Industries steel company and others from ranching to retail.

Patrick said this election year brings a time of great change to West Texas, as numerous officials have announced they are not running for re-election.

“It’s unusual to have so much change at one time,” he said. “Some of the leaders will be in office for 10 years or more.”

Republican Charles Perry, who represents District 28, is among the new blood in the Texas Senate, attaining office a year ago in a special election. He replaced Troy Frazier, who had served this geographically huge district since the 1990s.

“I’ve been singing the praises of your senator,” Patrick said. “He is a strong conservative and had big shoes to fill.

“It is rare for a freshman to chair a committee.”

Perry heads the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Water & Rural Affairs, all of major importance in West Texas.

The lieutenant governor said the 2015 legislative session was successful and that “people think it’s one of the best seasons.”

Patrick highlighted the reduction of business tax by 25 percent, adding that the goal is to reduce the tax further every session and eventually eliminate it.

He supports all seven constitutional amendments that voters will decide Nov. 3, emphasizing:

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