Just like old times

It was like old times in the Rio Grande Valley on Wednesday when President Trump visited the southern border. President Trump was a good friend to Texas and did so much to secure the border – in contrast to what we are seeing from Biden now with the 400% increase in illegal border crossings since he became President.

It wasn’t easy, but President Trump took control over what was happening at the border and he made so much progress on so many things. Everything he built in four years — a strong border, strong military, strong economy, strong on pro-life, strong on law enforcement and tough on crime, and so much more — has been destroyed by Biden/Harris in just six months. You can click here to watch a short clip from Wednesday’s press conference.

The President got a kick out of ribbing me for my new gray hair — started the minute he stepped on the tarmac and continued throughout the day! I had a good laugh about it. Watch the video here. As I predicted, he got a much warmer welcome from law enforcement at the border and the border communities than Harris did on her visit to El Paso.

The South Texas crowd cheered the President on for 2024. He made no commitment, but turned to me and asked if I was ready for 2024. I gave him a thumbs up and the crowd continued to cheer.

My Op-Ed: Texas Needs More Electricity Now

On the weekend of Feb 13-14, Winter Storm Uri hit Texas with ice, snow and freezing temperatures seldom experienced in Texas. The storm stretched our power grid beyond its limits and generators failed to deliver the power needed.

The Legislature made good progress this session in fixing the problem, but there is more important work to be done. The bottom line is that Texas needs more power. It will take two to three years to build additional plants, so we must act quickly. The special session gives us a unique opportunity to address the critical issue. Click here to read my entire op-ed in the Dallas Morning News.

You Can’t Rewrite History…

As soon as I learned that the Bullock Museum – the Texas History Museum – was sponsoring an event featuring the latest left-wing revisionist history book “Forget the Alamo: The Rise and Fall of an American Myth” I told staff to cancel it.  I am a member of the State Preservation Board, which oversees the Bullock Museum.  Like efforts to move the Cenotaph, which I also stopped, this fact-free rewriting of Texas history has no place in the Bullock Museum.

The left, including the authors of the book, are screaming censorship – but they are wrong.  I did not say the writers shouldn’t be allowed to speak anywhere or that the book should be banned.  What I did say is that a book that is filled with lies about Texas history that have been debunked by experts has no place in a Texas state history museum.

Celebrating the Land of the Free

The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yes, I have a goodly heritage.
– Psalm 16:6 –

Jan and I wish all of you a happy and safe Fourth of July. It is a very special day for our country, so we pray, especially, that God will continue to Bless America and Texas!


Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick
Lieutenant Governor of Texas





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