Israel, Texas stands with you

Texans Stand Unequivocally with Israel



I visited Israel several years ago and met with Prime Minister Netanyahu, who declared a state of war over the weekend. Our prayers go out to Israel. I visited an Israeli city on the Gaza Strip in the area attacked. Even the playgrounds have bomb shelters in case of an attack (the tan building pictured above).

On Monday, the Texas Senate sent a clear message that Texas unequivocally stands with Israel with the unanimous adoption of Senate Resolution 2 by Sen. Phil King, R- Weatherford.

Hamas’ unprecedented terrorist rampage is heinous and abhorrent, and the Senate condemns their continued acts of evil. We pray for Israel’s victory against its enemies. Read the full resolution here.

Phelan Hits Rock Bottom
Using the war in Israel for his own political gain

Press Release

I didn’t think even Dade Phelan would stoop this low. He has now absolutely hit rock bottom. His latest political stunt is disgusting, despicable, and disingenuous. Click here to read my latest press release.

Biden’s Border Woes Worsen

With each passing day, the border crisis gets worse. Crime, drugs, human trafficking – all flooding into our country at an unprecedented rate and Biden is doing NOTHING. I spoke with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News over the weekend about this and more. You can watch the interview here.

West Texas A&M Leading the Way on Leadership and Liberty

West Texas A&M

Dan Speaking

Last Wednesday, I traveled to Canyon, Texas, near Amarillo, as a guest speaker at the West Texas A&M announcement of the Hill Institute, a new school on campus that will focus on the values and principles that made this country great.

It will teach students the key principles of leadership. I was joined by the school President Dr. Walter Wendler, a true champion of liberty, A&M Chancellor John Sharp, and Cheryl and Alex Fairly who made a generous gift to help fund the school.


I said in my speech that I want to see similar institutes across every campus in the A&M system and every campus in Texas and America.

I talked about the principle of I Am Third, the title of the Chicago Bears’ running back Gale Sayers, that each of us should put God first, others second, and ourselves third.

I closed with this prayer written by a self described middle-class, hard-working American who embodies what a true leader is who follows the word of God.

O Lord, I don’t ever expect to have the faith of Abraham,
Nor do I, O Lord, ever expect to have the leadership of Moses,
Nor the strength of Samson, nor the courage of David, nor the wisdom of Solomon…
But what I do expect, O Lord, is your calling on me someday.
What is your will, I shall do; what is your command, shall be my joy.
And I shall not fail you, O Lord, for you are all I seek to serve.

Here are the teaching points of the Hill Institute:

  1. Hard work and persistence as an overriding commitment to sustaining an open and free society that expounds the virtue of liberty;
  2. Regard for others and social groupings as the empowering complement of citizenship and the power of the golden rule in civil society;
  3. Personal responsibility and free will as concepts that drive prosperity and liberty for a productive end;
  4. Compatriotism and Patriotism as love of country and its importance in sustaining civil order in a free and open society;
  5. Exercise of virtue, publicly and privately, as fertile ground for personal growth and realization of aspirations;
  6. The free and open exercise of faith, in recognition of natural law, as an inarguable right of every human being, and the historic relationship of personal belief in a thoughtfully guided moral order;
  7. Personal and civic loyalty, the power of belonging to something larger than self, and the role of that membership in nourishing a free and open republic;
  8. The singular importance and nobility of rugged individualism standing on one’s “own two feet” in a performance culture and the contribution self-sufficiency makes to the effective functioning of our families, towns, region, State, and the nation.


Texans, the Constitutional Amendment for the $100,000 homestead exemption will be on the ballot this November. If approved, the $100,000 homestead exemption will be permanent and codified in the Texas Constitution.

This year, I refused to give up on providing you a $100,000 homestead exemption. The House, twice in two special sessions, did not pass it out as part of their property tax bill. With all 31 senators standing with me, we won the battle. The Senate was not going to take no for an answer.

Now, all you need to do is go vote in November to put it in the Constitution and get your $100,000 homestead exemption ($110,000 for seniors). It’s effective this year and, with compression, will lower the average homeowner’s bill by $1,100 to $1,400 a year as long as you homestead your home. The average homeowner’s school tax bill will go down by 40%.

Oct 23 – Nov 3: Early Voting

Here’s what’s on the ballot. You can visit for more election info.


Thank you all for your support and everything you do to keep Texas red. May God bless you and your family, and may He continue to bless the greatest state of all—Texas.


Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick
Lieutenant Governor of Texas