I voted…have you?

I voted this weekend for all 10 Constitutional Amendments on the November ballot and am proud to wear my “I voted today” sticker.  For an amendment to be placed on the ballot for your consideration, it requires a two-thirds vote of the Senate and House. The overwhelming majority of Republicans in the Texas Senate supported all 10 amendments on the ballot this year — in most cases by a unanimous vote.

Proposition 4 is particularly important for conservatives because it will help ensure that Texas NEVER has an income tax. The Texas economy remains one of the strongest in the world — attracting businesses from high-tax states like California, New York and Illinois — because we don’t have an income tax here. This is a no-tax policy that works, and we want to make sure it continues to work so businesses can move forward creating jobs and expanding. Predictably, left-wing progressives and their allies in the media are campaigning hard against Proposition 4. You will undoubtedly see their ads and editorials from now until Election Day. They don’t come right out and say they want an income tax. Instead, they are attacking conservatives and saying Proposition 4 isn’t needed. They are wrong. Say no to an income tax. Vote YES on Proposition 4.

Be sure to vote before or on Election Day, which is next Tuesday, November 5. Click here to see what is on the ballot and here to find out where you can vote early.

It’s Not Right and People Know It’s Not Right

Did you see the story last week about the father in Dallas who was embroiled in a court battle with his ex-wife over whether or not their 7-year-old son should begin “transitioning” to become a girl? The mother insists her son wants to be a girl, and she was preparing him to “transition” to the opposite sex. According to the boy’s father, his son is happy being a boy. I do not believe there is any rhyme or reason that a 7-year-old should go through psychological training — and ultimately dangerous drugs — in an effort to somehow become the sex opposite of how they were born — boy or girl.  It is not right, and people know it isn’t right.  Governor Greg Abbott has asked the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to look into the issue of this family for possible child abuse.

We are also seeing this issue emerge increasingly in sports as men decide to compete in women’s sports — undoing the achievements of Title IX and robbing women and girls of championships.  Earlier this month, a man competed in and won the Women’s Cycling World Championships.  I talked about this with Dana Perino on Friday. Click here to watch.

Fighting Cancer in Texas

MD Anderson in Houston is the number one cancer care facility in the country.  They have been fighting to save lives and reduce cancer rates in Texas for decades and they are making progress increasing survival rates.  I visited MD Anderson last week to discuss the legislative session and to join them in honoring State Senators Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound and Joan Huffman, R-Houston for their hard work in improving our state’s health care system.  It was a great evening.

House Speaker Dennis Bonnen Will Not Seek Re-Election

Weeks ago, I called for the release of the now infamous tape between House Speaker Dennis Bonnen and Empower Texas leader Michael Quinn Sullivan, so that every member of the House could hear it and make their own decision. Many Republican House members stood up in support of new leadership for the Texas House, and Speaker Bonnen has announced his decision not to run for re-election. I am committed to working over the next 13 months to elect Republicans and ensure the GOP maintains control of the Texas House — the future of Texas depends on it. Here’s my statement.

Lyle Lovett Sings in Harris County

Jan and I attended a terrific campaign event for Harris County Constable Mark Herman last week. The evening’s highlight was a performance by the amazing Lyle Lovett, who lives in Texas.  Got some good shots to share.

I am proud to be your Lt. Governor.  Thank you for your support and for all that you do for the great state of Texas.  Feel free to forward this email to family and friends who may not be on our email list.


Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick
Lieutenant Governor of Texas