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Texas House Killed School Choice

The Texas House Killed School Choice Some members who voted against school choice attended private schools themselves or send their kids or grandkids to private schools. Now, they are denying that right to their constituents. If every House Republican or Democrat who has used private schools voted for school choice, it may have passed. Speaker

Prop 4, Trump’s visit to Texas, standing with Israel, and more…

President Trump’s Visit to Texas I joined President Trump in Dallas on Wednesday night before flying to Houston with him for two events the following day. The event was standing-room only and there was a huge turnout. We have become great friends over the past several years. We talked the entire 45-minute flight with his

I’m purchasing $3 million in bonds for Israel

Since the October 7th attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists, Texans have been horrified and outraged at the brutal slaughter of innocent civilians of all ages. As a longtime supporter of Israel, I share that outrage. I am equally appalled about what I am learning about the anti-Semitic activities among some in Texas who call

It’s time for the House to pass School Choice

Last week, the Texas Senate worked a marathon floor session lasting 15 hours to pass 5 of the 6 emergency items on Governor Abbott’s special session call, including school choice, teacher pay raises, border security, increasing penalties for human smuggling, and banning COVID-19 vaccine mandates for private employers. Yet again, the Texas Senate’s superb work

Israel, Texas stands with you

Texans Stand Unequivocally with Israel I visited Israel several years ago and met with Prime Minister Netanyahu, who declared a state of war over the weekend. Our prayers go out to Israel. I visited an Israeli city on the Gaza Strip in the area attacked. Even the playgrounds have bomb shelters in case of an

School is in Session

Third Special Session on School Choice The Texas Legislature’s third special session is set to begin next Monday, October 9th, aimed at passing a school choice program, as well as border security issues and COVID-19 vaccine mandates. As Lt. Governor, I have passed school choice three times out of the Senate, including this year, and