Historic U.K. Vote to Leave the European Union is Great Sign for Trump

I was very confident citizens in the U.K. would vote to leave the European Union. This is the first election, but not the last, of an uprising by voters around the world calling for dramatic change to their governments that have ignored them for too long. Already, conservative leaders in Scandinavia, Poland, and France are calling for their chance to vote on this issue.


What were the issues in the election? The people of the U.K. feel they are losing their country. They are being swamped by illegal and legal immigrants and refugees. Wages are flat, immigrants are not assimilating to their new nation, taxes are high and the cost of living has increased. Seniors can’t earn a reasonable rate on their savings, and they see a world where terrorism is the new normal. On top of that, they were buried in regulations, put in place not by their elected representatives, but E.U. officials who are elected by no one and accountable to no one. The people are angry and afraid for themselves and their children and grandchildren.


As victory was announced in the U.K., media and opponents pronounced the leaders of the Brexit charge divisive, hateful, and dangerous. Sound familiar? Democrats here in the U.S. and their allies in the media, and sadly some establishment Republicans, frequently call those of us who simply want secure borders, lower taxes, increased wages through economic growth, a military that is given the freedom to crush terrorists and protection of our traditional values, liberties and the Constitution, divisive, mean spirited and dangerous.

But the fact is, we movement conservatives are exactly right on these issues. We want the America we remember — an America that has the strongest military in the world, an America that is the economic giant in the world, with fair trade policies for us, a nation that leads, and a nation that believes in liberty for all. We want a Supreme Court that protects the Constitution and doesn’t find ways to re-write it. We want an America that still believes we are blessed by God and thankful for it.

We are not anti-immigrant. Our nation was built by immigrants. Almost all of us came from somewhere else or our families did, at some point not that long ago. We welcome people to come here legally and who want to become a part of who we are and not live separately from us in our own country. We want to wrest control of our borders from drug cartels. We know it’s not safe to allow hundreds of thousands of refugees to come to America unchecked from countries that are breeding grounds for terrorism.

We are the most compassionate nation in the history of the world, but we cannot help people if our nation is weakened by short-sighted policies that are rooted in political correctness rather than principle. A strong America will be able to help more people here and around the world. That is why Trump is right in his call to “make America great again.”

Does the Brexit vote mean Donald Trump is going to win in November? There is still a long way to go and much work to do to seal a victory. But the vote last night should send a shudder through the Clinton campaign and the Democrats. It should also wake up the never Trump followers in our party. We just saw a ballot box revolution in the U.K. The next test vote is in November on our shores.

The American people understand what is at stake in this election and are ready to rise up after eight devastating years of the Obama regime. I wouldn’t bet against them.

Dan Patrick

Proud to be the Lt. Governor of the Great State of Texas